Bird Watching in Masai Mara National Reserve

Bird Watching in Masai Mara

What To Do In Masai Mara National Reserve

Bird watching in Masai Mara National Park; Kenya’s Masai Mara stands as one of the unique tourist’s destinations receiving the highest population of travelers in the park. The park is the only national reserve in Africa where you will see all the big five game. The park is also a home to a biggest population of other animals. Besides the game, the park also flourishes with 600 bird species which has offered the best birding experience.
Maasai Mara National Reserve is truly a birding haven and is one of Kenya’s birding tour highlights. However, the reserve sounds with more than 570 recorded bird species and in particular rich in a raptor with 60 bird species. Bird watching in Mara can be done through different trails including; nature habitant of Maasai Mara savannah, Mara River, escarpment plains, rift valley these are the top areas where one can do birding while in Mara with a highest chance of spotting different bird species. Note, the reserve hosts the largest bird species famously known as Ostriches, as well as the migrating bird species which are annually seen between November and February and round June to July Mara River is a host to a variety of bird species and it’s considered the best bird spotting destination.

Masai Mara is famously known for hosting the biggest number of will game and a home for the big five game, Masai mara game viewing is atop notch with the highest percentage of seeing various animals’ species in the park. most of game viewing in the park are done on game drives and boat strip safaris, you will also have a great chance of spotting unique bird species such as the Ostriches, Kori bustard, Little Grebe Tachybaptus capensis, Long-tailed (Reed) Cormorant Phalacrocorax africanus Little Grebe Tachybaptus capensis, Long-tailed (Reed) Cormorant Phalacrocorax africanus among others. Honouring Maasai Mara National Reserve to be one of best Kenya bird watching destination with high population of bird species in relation to other Kenya national parks.
Despite the flat plains of the Savannah, birding is best done with binoculars which helps you spot distant birds up on the trees or those that are much further away. The flat plain also leads to guideline of spectacular sightseeing of beautiful bird species while resting under the tree on your table drinks with a maximum accuracy. Masai mara bird spices have greatly improved due to the conducive climate which has brought in migratory birds.
Travelers who enjoy visiting Kenya birding safari destination, Maasai Mara National Reserve would be your stopping destination point of the journey. And this is because it haven with diversity of unique bird species and some of the number to be spotted include; Unique Ostriches ,Kori bustard ,Hamer kop ,Marabou ,Hadeda Ibis ,Sacred Ibis ,Rappel Vulture ,Egyptian Vulture, African fish Eagle ,Tawny Eagle ,secretary bird, Sooty chat ,yellow billed stork ,Great Egrets ,Long tailed car mount ,Woolly necked stork ,Tabora cist cola ,Swahili sparrow ,silver bird ,Rufous bellied heron ,Red-throated fit, Lazy cist cola ,Giant king fisher ,Africa wool owl ,Abdim’s stork ,African fin foot ,Hooper and wood hoopoes ,horn bills ,barbets and tinkers birds ,honey guides ,brown throated sand Martin ,spur winged goose ,Egyptian Goose ,Comb Duck ,Northern pintail ,Red billed teal ,white-faced whistling duck ,African spoonbill ,Glossy Ibis ,Marabou stork ,Little white stork ,African Open bill stork ,Yellow-billed stork ,purple Heron ,Dwarf Bittern ,Common squacco-Heron ,Rufous bellied Heron , ,Goliath Heron ,Black headed Heron and many others which can be encountered on Maasai Mara National Reserve birding safari.
Essentials to carry on Maasai Mara birding safari
Due to the climatic variations, Masai mara reserve can be hot during day, but the temperatures may change during the evenings therefore you will except it chilly during the night therefore, you are advised to carry both light and heavy clothes. The light clothes preferably for day and you will also need heavy clothes in case the evenings get chilly/ colder most specially travellers on evening game drive. Also note that; different activities require different essentials therefore, you need to park right and less only necessities to avoid carrying heavy luggage which may e challenging when connecting from one place to another.
These are the essentials to carry with on birding safari to Maasai Mara, they include pairs of binoculars, clear cameras with enough batteries, mineral water bottle, safari guide books, first aid box, rubber hiking shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat to protect your head from scorching sun, among others essentials for personal nature.
Best time to do birding safaris
Compared to all activities done, birding safari in Maasai Mara is done throughout the year, despite the two seasons in the year, that is dry and wet season. The best time of the year to see variety of bird species is during wet season when the migratory bird species are in movement either in breeding or incubation zones. Wet seasons is from November to April with plenty of food and fruits and flowers for the birds to feed on, From the months of June to October, is the dry season perfect for wildlife viewing.
Where to stay
On your safari to Maasai Mara National Reserve, a traveller shouldn’t get worried from where to stay because the park offers comfortable accommodation facilities ranging from Luxury to Mid-range and budget lodges design to meet the interest of both international and local clients. include; Mara Engai lodge, Sand River Maasai Mara, Keekorok lodge, Enkorok Mara Camp, Fairmont Mara Safari Club and many more.
Getting to Maasai Mara
By road
Getting to Maasai Mara by road from Nairobi city it estimates 270kilometers and hours it takes 5 to 6-hour drive. This is the best way of experiencing Kenyan countryside and stunning scenery of landscape.
The time in now to visit Maasai Mara National Reserve basically on birding safari and come up with unforgettable experience once in life time.
Alternatively, there is also fly in option for the travellers who may not need to spend much time on the road driving. Maasai Mara, most travellers do fly into Nairobi capital city of Kenya to reach Maasai Mara National Reserve through using domestic flight. The flying time takes about 45minutes to 1hour. You can book your flight to Masai Mara or conduct us or one of the trusted tour operators and the flying safari can be arranged for you. This option best suites luxury clients. but no the best option because driving offer variety of stunning attractions seen along the country.

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