Guided Nature Walks In Masai Mara National Reserve

Guided Nature Walks In Masai Mara

What To Do In Masai Mara National Reserve

Nature walk is also one of the unique activities offered in the park, its also one of major activity done by many travelers in the park. Nature walks in Masai mara involves travelers exploring the various areas, trails and the destinations on foot. During the exercise, you will be in the company of an experienced guide who will walk through the different trails to the surrounding areas of Masai Mara. Within Mara reserve, there are wo types of nature walks are carried out, the nature walks within the park with the opportunity to explore the various attractions including; wildlife, birds’ species among others.

Nature walks inside the Masai Mara
The nature walks with in the park takes you to explore the depth of the Masai mara reserve using the marked trek routes created by the animals and the different trekkers taking in the activity. The walk may take you approximately 2 hours where you get to see the different animals in the Game Reserve.
Before you set off for the activity, an experienced guide will give you all the necessary instructions and guidelines to be followed during the activity. Also Note that; that you will not be allowed to go for Nature walks on your own for your safety and will only be allowed if you are with a tour guide.  Nature walks in the Masai Mara are best carried out in the conservancies although many of the lodges found in and outside the Masai Mara offer nature walks, they are mainly done in the areas closest to the lodges.
During the nature walk, you will also have an encounter the Masai people living around the surrounding areas of Masai Mara. You will also explore the game reserve, the flora and fauna in Mara reserve, during the walk, you will have an encounter with various animals. Some of the animals you may see include; gazelles, zebras, wildebeests, predators like lions and leopards (from a distance), hippos, giraffes, and elephants, hyenas, and a wide range of bird species.
For the travellers having interest in nature walk, you can do it in the morning which is the best to walk when the temperatures are still cool and the best time to see different animals and bird’s species grazing on the savannah grassland. You can also opt for evening nature but it’s quite challenging to walk when the heat is too much.
Nature Walks Outside the Masai Mara
The Nature walks outside the Masai Mara will take you to the different Masai villages where you get to meet the Masai people and learn more about their culture, participate in their activities and also get to buy some souvenirs from the local people. The nature walks outside the Masai Mara will require you to pay some pay as entrance fees to the Masai village therefore move with extra cash. The exercise lasts for 1 hour from which you will have a great experience interacting with the local people.
Rules for a walking safari in Masai Mara
Nature walks in Masai Mara are done in areas that are considered to be safe since you will be in the company of two armed rangers and an experienced tour guide. However wild animals tend to move in different directions and although it is rare, you might encounter predators. Therefore, in order to enjoy the full depth of the park and get to explore the various attractions, you are advised to follow the rules and regulations set aside by the Kenya wildlife Services.
During the nature walk, all travellers are advised to keep low voices but still you can ask the guide questions without creating unnecessary which might disturb the animals.
You must always walk behind the tour guide and in a single line.
You are required to wear strong and comfortable boots depending on the season you’re visiting the park. the wet season gets muddy and slippery to trek through slippery trails.
No rifle should be shot unless when it is in times of real danger and this is because the rifles tend to cause panic and increase aggressiveness in the wild animals once they are shot.
Make sure that you moving together in the groups and do not wonder around on your own.

What to pack for a walking safari in Masai Mara
A walking safari is one of the unique ways to experience African safari on foot, with an experienced guide who will help you to spot the different wildlife in Masai Mara reserve. You will view different wild game, bird species and get up tight and close with the animals. But for you to enjoy your walking safari, you will need to pack appropriately, and below are some of the things that you ought to have on your walking safari.
A wide-brimmed hat
A camera and extra batteries
Bottled water
insect repellent
energy bars
A rain jacket since Mara area, gets much colder in the evening.
Light and a small bag to carry the camera, extra water, and other essentials.
A first aid kit in case of any accidents.

What to wear on a walking safari in Masai Mara
Depending on the activity you are required to dress right and well, for this time, we are looking at walking safari in Masai Mara.
Pack neutral clothes because brightly colored clothes attract animals easily.
Put on long-sleeved shirts and long trousers to avoid scratches from tree branches and you walk through different trails.
Carry comfortable Hiking boots to keep your feet safe from cuts and dry.
A safari vest will help you carry some of your essentials while on your walking safari.
A safari sun hat to protect you from the strong rays of the sun.

What is the best time to go for a nature walk in Masai Mara
All activities in the park, can best be done any time and any day of your visit in Masai Mara. Both the dry season and the wet season offer unique experiences for nature walk safaris in the park. therefore, during the dry season, the trek trails are dry and not muddy or slippery thus easier to walk through and makes it easy to spot various game and bird species found in Masai Mara. The dry season is from the month of July to October is the best time for nature walks in Masai Mara Nature Reserve. unlike during the wet season which is experienced from November to April, but also best for time for birding when there is lots of food for the birds and also this is the season when migratory birds are seen in the park.

Other activities carried out in the Masai Mara
Besides the Nature Walk, Masai Mara has got various attractions which have offered variety of other activities for the visitors in Masai Mara reserve. Including; enjoying the views of the wildebeest migration which is the most unique time of the year too millions of wildebeest crossing from Serengeti in to Masai Mara in Kenya. Birding, game drives where you will see the different wildlife in the Reserve, taking a hot air balloon ride and cultural tours to encounter the great Masai tribe in Kenya. among others.

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